iPhone 5 Dock Adapter

If you are not ready to pay for the official Apple iPhone 5 lightning port adapter, now there are cheaper alternatives waiting to be explored on Amazon.

These third-party adapter prices are ranging from $9 to $18 which are less than $29 official adapter.

Nanotch iPhone 5 Lightning to 30 pin cable adapter is currently the most popular accessory in this category on Amazon. Now, you can use your old Apple iPhone accessories with the new phone model easily.

iphone 5 dock adapter

Lightning to USB Cable is very useful to charge the phone using the computer USB port. It can be used with Apple USB power adapter to charge the phone on a wall outlet too. The cable length is 1 meter.

lightning port to usb adapter

iPhone 5 Charging and Sync Docks

The release of iPhone 5 will be huge. The long time waiting for fans is almost over. According to latest news and leaks, Apple’s October 5 media event will reveal the long waited iPhone 5 and the sales of the phone will begin in a week or two after that.

We know that iPhone 5 dock will be in huge demand again. This is because previous iPhone 4, 3G docks were quite popular and best sellers. So, the idea came to our mind to remind you the best selling iPhone dock models. We will have similar docks for the new Apple gadget, so it sounded logical for us. Here are short reviews:

Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock for iPhone

iPhone dock

We really love and appreciate this dock after several weeks of continuous usage. You are maybe already aware that most iPhone cases are not designed to work with such charging or speaker docks for iPhone and they will not fit. Sinjimoru is on the other hand, will accommodate most cases except a few of them such an ultra protective thick OtterBox. $17 is a perfect price for this stylish but very useful gadget.

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Kensington PowerLift Backup Battery and Dock

This is one of the best rated iPhone 5 dock choices on Amazon.com. What makes it differ from other brands is the built-in 1200 mAh battery. It will normally charge the iPhone when you use as a stand with the kickstand. It supports charging in both portrait and landscape modes. When you need extra battery life for the phone, just take the gadget with you. It has power indicator which shows the remaining power.

Kensington iPhone dock battery

This is a very cool iPhone accessory but let’s mention a few drawbacks as well. The USB cable could be longer for more easier usage. The material quality is not so good although the functionality is perfect. We expected a better plastic quality.

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iphone dock kensington

Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker dock for iPhone

A very cool speaker and charging dock which produces very full and crisp sound. It is lightweight, slim and very portable. The other features worth of mention of Logitech speaker dock are aux-in capability for plugging into other devices, such as laptops, dual voltage design, integrated power adapter, nice remote coverage. Surely, it is not a Harmon Kardon or top rated Bose sound dock system, but for the price point, it looks like the best choice. Amazon customers thought the same way. There are over 500 ratings and almost 450 of them are four or five stars. There are only 14 one star rating.

Logitech iPhone speaker dock

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